Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Saigon Milonguero Meeting

24 – 26 November 2017

Registration at

Encuentro (a Spanish term means “Meeting”) is something other than a Marathon, Festival or Milonga…

The concept of this Meeting-Encuentro is quite simple: To create a cozy & friendly atmosphere between quality dancers/specially invited friends around the world with the same idea in mind: Enjoy the traditional music, stick to pre-agreed customs at milongas, that is believed to be rooted in Buenos Aires milongas, Respect the Cabeceoand wait for visual contact before enetering the dancefloor when the music starts, Dance in close embrace and following the line of dance, keep a dynamic and respectful dance with the rest of Tangueros.

While dancing, we are humble, try to avoid showing off, no showboating. We meet in order to create a shared dance and space – not to be gawked at. Hence, the nature of such meeting (Encuentro) will lead to the following RULES:

  • Encuentro’s space is often divided into sections for ladies and gentlemen, however a small section for couples will be available.
  • Asking to dance takes place through cabaceo/looking, a successful outcome being a meeting on the dance floor.
  • Close embrace is the reason we are here – so please stick to it!
  • Let’s keep moving and keep smooth movement on the dance floor.
  • Lastly, it is you who create the energy not only within the couple but of the whole dance floor. Lets fill up our event with utmost positive “energy” all the time!
  • Saigon in known for being a Cozy & Friendly tango destination so together lets maintain the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Phone / WhatsApp / Viber: +84 90 338 1070 and +84 94 775 0576
Facebook: Le Hang / Ta Tango.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Dear all,

Thank you for those who have registered for the Saigon Tango Festival 2016. If you have received the payment instruction please arrange to do it before 10 Oct or as per the instruction. This would help us to reduece the workloads later!

For those who haven’t done it yet please note there are only 3 days until the early bird ends. REGISTER now to enjoy the early bird rates.

We have received several registration from tango dancers from all over places: Singapore, Kuala lumpur, Bangkok, Hongkong, Korea, Brunei, Japan, Europe and Vietnam!

We hope to see all of you in Saigon Tango Festival. Let’s learn and dance with the World Top Masters and the outstanding Asia dancers/ teachers… as well as old and new friends from all over the places!

The DJ teams from Vietnam, Indonesia, Hongkong and Seoul are ready to play their best music for us in 5 milonga and 2 after milonga!

If you have any question or need supports please contact us anytime.

See you in Saigon Tango Festival in Dec! Pick your dresses and pack your shoes!

Org. team

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

MAY events at TA.Tango Milongas

Please note that:

1. For event on 7th May - Contact Facebook: Alan Kiandad for more info
2. For SAIGON TANGO WEEK, 16-23 May: Contact 090.338.1070 (Le Hang) – 094.775.0576 (Ziu) - FB: Le Hang for details! And agenda is here:
Thanks and see you all at Ta.Tango milongas!